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 List of Ship Registered
Gives you a list of ships registered with MMD - Mumbai.
As the list may be quite large, it may be customised by entering the various parameters listed in the search criteria to shorten the data extracted.
 Certificates issued to Ships

You can view the list of certificates issued to Ships, using the following criteria.
All Certificates Issued by MMD Mumbai - If you know Issue date.
All the Certificates Issued to a Ship - If you know Ship Name.
All the Certificates Issued to a Ship - If you know Official Number.
All the Certificates Issued to a Ship - If you know IMO Number.
 PSC Detention List
It automatically displays list of Ships detained by MMD Mumbai during the last 30 Days.
However You can know details of the Ship detained by MMD Mumbai, if you know.
The IMO Number of the ship.
The Name of the ship.
The date of detention.
 Rights to Information
As per Government directives, the Right to information Act, 2005 came into force on 12th Oct '05. The PIO/APIO appointed shall deal with requests from persons seeking information and render reasonable assistance to the persons seeking such information.
In pursuance of Section 19(1) of the Right to Information Act, Capt. S.I.A.K Azad, Dy.NA-cum-Sr.DDG(Tech) is appointed as Appellate Authority. He shall deal with appeals preferred by the person whose request for information is rejected by the PIO/APIO and that may cause inconvenience to the public.
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