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Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties

4(1) (b) iii Procedure in decision making, Channel of supervision and accountability

An application is made to the department by way of a standard format or a letter submitted at inward/ mail section which is forwarded to the PO who assigns the surveyor, in consultation with the Deputies, as necessary.

The application is forwarded to the concerned Surveyor through the Section-in-Charge for recording.

Section-in-Charges are posted in the following sections:-

01. Establishment and accounts section
02. Survey Sections
03. Port State Control, Flag State Inspection, Institute inspection and Audits section.
04. Registration Sections
05. Examination section

The concerned surveyor carries out the assigned work and forwards his report through the Section-in-Charge (for recording) to the Deputies for forwarding to the PO.

The over all responsibility and accountability lies with the PO as the Head of the department, provided he is so and to the extent authorized by the GOI.

Administrative Officer is In-Charge of the support staff and is accountable for any undue delay in processing of application, correspondence, report etc. and is required to monitor the file movement in the section, however, primary responsibility lies with the concerned Section-in-Charge.

The concerned Surveyor is responsible and accountable for carrying out the work and recommendation given, including the paper work and any undue delay, once the work has been assigned to him.

The Deputies are responsible and accountable for their recommendations to the extent that the surveyor’s inspection report and recommendations are accepted in good faith and he does not have any observations to the contrary. The Deputies are fully accountable if their recommendations are contrary to the surveyor’s recommendation and fully justified. Deputies formulate the procedures for running the office, which are approved by the PO prior implementation. 

The PO, as head of the department, is responsible and accountable for the functioning of the MMD even though the recommendations of subordinates are accepted in good faith and as long as there are no observations to the contrary. If the PO’s recommendation is contrary to the surveyor or deputy, then the PO is fully accountable on that count.
Flow chart of the decision making, channel of supervision and accountability is given on next page.

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