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Right to Information

Internal procedure for giving information to public.

The public can approach the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Department for any information concerning the department.
The public can make an application in duplicate for the information required to the department, which can be addressed to the PIO.
The inward/mail section will acknowledge the application by giving unique inward number and date and return the duplicate to the applicant for future reference. The applicant shall quote this unique number and date in all future correspondence, if any.
The inward/mail section will forward the application to the PO and PO will direct the application to the PIO or to another public authority, which is more closely connected with the subject matter and shall inform the applicant accordingly at the earliest.
The PIO will redirect the application to the concerned section through Administrative Officer for the information required.
The section-in-charge will compile the relevant information and send the relevant records/documents/file alongwith the information back to the PIO.
The PIO will ensure that the section has compiled the information correctly and completely and thereafter forward the information to the applicant with a copy to the PO.
If the PIO rejects the application, he shall inform the reason and the time within which the appeal can be made to the Appellate Authority. 
If the applicant is not satisfied with the information received, applicant can approach the Appellate Authority giving reference to earlier application.






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