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Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties

4(1) (b) ii Powers and duties of Officers and Employees

The officers are appointed under Part III of the MS Act.
The employees i.e. support staff are appointed as per the Central Government norms and procedures.

The powers and duties of the officers are as detailed in various sections of the MS Act and various applicable Govt. notifications.

The responsibilities and authority of the employees are as per the Central Govt. norms.

Details of powers and duties of the officers and employees are decided by the DGS as and when required.

The PO usually delegates authority to one or more officers for discharging the functions of Head of Office & Drawing-cum-Disbursing Officer. The Head of Office is the functional head of the MMD and the appointing and disciplinary authority for Group C & D staff. The Drawing-cum-Disbursing officer discharges the functions of drawing bills, making payments, preparing budgets etc.

Surveyors are the field officers (Group A Technical, appointed under General Central Civil Service Rules) who carry out surveys, inspections, audits and examinations as per the instructions of superior officers and submit the report to the Principal Officer (PO) through the relevant Deputies alongwith their recommendations.The Deputies forward the report with their comments to the Principal Officer for final decision.

The PO is the final decision making authority in the MMD. Whenever required, the PO forwards his report to the DGS on specific issues over which the DGS, Chief Surveyor with Government of India (GOI) or Nautical Adviser to the GOI has jurisdiction.Surveyor-in-Charge (SIC) at sub-offices functions under the supervision of the PO.

Support staff carry out the instructions of the officers. Support staff is entrusted only with duties by way of standing instructions contained in the Office Order Book. Instructions of the PO are conveyed by way of the Departmental Orders contained in the Departmental Order Book.

Public can approach the PO/Grievance Officer with any grievance and or suggestion with respect to the functioning of the MMD, in case they are not satisfied with the action taken by the Inspector, Surveyor and Deputies, in that ascending order.

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